www.eComegy.com is ALIVE!!

Well it only took 6 months, but finally eComegy has a home on the web – www.eComegy.com.  A good way to start this off is explaining a little bit about what you will and wont find here…


You WON’T find:

– Lots of graphics, flash, fancy designs

– A unique menu layout

– Links to random websites

– A list of all the marketing/web/SEO blogs I follow


You WILL find:

– A website with that has lots of informational text that can be crawled by the major search engines and explains what the website is about

– Simple menus that look a lot like most other websites, and are easy to navigate

– Links to my clients so I can help increase the number back links to their website and show off the work I’m currently doing

– Links to relevant information that matters to you, the retailer.  I know you’re busy so I’ll sort through the clutter for you.


In the coming months I’ll explain more about these and other Do’s/Don’ts of the online world – this is just the beginning, so stay tuned.  Thanks for visiting and I look forward to working with your company in the future!




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