Why Des Moines

I like Des Moines, Iowa.  That’s right, I like it here.  

I like running my ecommerce consulting and online marketing business, eComegy.  

I like living within 20 minutes of everything in the city.  

I like having a vibrant downtown that has recently been revitalized.  

I like that I helped start a major music festival in Des Moines.  

I like that I’m helping to build a new $12.5 million homeless shelter in Des Moines.  

I like the great entrepreneural community that embraces start-ups like eComegy.

I like owning a house in (West) Des Moines with its low cost of living.

I like that the low cost of living allows me to travel many other exciting places.


There are  lots of reasons to like Des Moines.  And one big myth to de-bunk – it isn’t a sleepy, borning town in the middle of a corn field (although there are lots of corn fields outside of the city). 


This week Forbes Magazine supported my belief by naming Des Moines the top city in the USA for Young Professionals.  Read the full article here: http://blogs.forbes.com/morganbrennan/2011/07/12/americas-best-cities-for-young-professionals/


And the Des Moines Register reported on the this story with some quotes and a photograph of yours truely here:



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