We’ve been Juiced!




First off, I want to recognize all the amazing work the Silicon Prairie News has done promoting the Des Moines and Midwest technology and entrepreneurial scene.  Anyone who does not following their publication is really missing out.  I am honored to be featured on their website, along with this week’s edition of Juice Magazine in Des Moines.  Here is a snippet of the article, you can visit either DMJuice.com or SiliconPrairieNews.com to read the full thing


“Justin Schoen won’t build your e-commerce website.


That is to say he’s not a designer. Though his business is helping businesses market themselves online, don’t assume he’s all about Web design.

It’s a point of confusion the University of Iowa graduate and MBA student is quick to clear up. Schoen, 30, uses firms like Websiteforge (an all-in-one e-commerce business that he consults) to do design work for his clients. But getting people to come to your site, or in some cases just enticing them to walk in the door of your business – the real marketing mojo that can’t be coded in a week – is where Schoen makes his mark.


… “



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