The Superbowl Ad Post

The day after the Superbowl everyone in the marketing world is writing this same post – so I don’t want to be left out!  I personally think that this year’s ads were some of the best we’ve seen in a long time – maybe since the dot-com boom days.  They were dominated by auto-makers who are once again spending ad dollars.  Here are a couple of my favorites…


I think Chrysler has hit a home run with the emotional appear of their ‘Imported from Detroit’ campaign.  This started with the Eminem ad last Superbowl, followed by various other celebrities through out the year.  This year’s 2:00 minute spot featured Clint Eastwood.  It was a compelling ad that with nationalistic sentiments.




As for as my favorite ‘funny ad’, I’ve always been a Seinfeld fan and thought Accura NSX ad was great.  Not sure if this was the best use of Accura’s moneny though.  The new NSX won’t be availalbe until 2015 and comes at a heafty base price of $130,000.  Is throwing down millions on the Superbowl the best bet?  I’m not sure, but I do know two things – I won’t be buying one, and it was good to see the Soup Nazi again.


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